Rebozo extra long in organic cotton

For tightening during Rebozo massages, rituals & other Rebozo practices

100% natural & ethical from fibre to dye


2m50 long

This size offers more comfort and amplitude for closings.

For the rocking of couples that await a baby, this allows a more respectful distance from the trio, in this moment of intense communion. The practitioner is “forgotten”… and does not “shear” the fingers by holding the scarf by the knots!

For the corpulent people, in the closing like the rockings, you will no longer be “short” of fabrics.

Optimal weaving

Based on traditional weaving, the weaving distributes the tension evenly during the tightening and other uses.

Organic certified cotton with or without 100% natural dye
Our holistic vision of well-being: respectful of the people who receive and those who practice the care (rituals, ceremonies…) AND our planet.

The person who has just been “coated” generously with oil, who has perspired at will, rested a little before being squeezed in the scarves … is in the optimal conditions for the chemicals to penetrate him in the body! That’s what amazed Alice during her Rebozo treatment training, which is why these scarves exist today.

And not only: do good and respect the environment and the world we borrow from our children (Saint-Exupéri). For greater coherence and depth in “taking care”…

Washable at 30°.

Once the care, ritual or ceremony is over, you will no longer have to “run” wash your Rebozo. Because we are in the 21st century and that’s good too, slipped in nets washing, all in the machine with the rest of the laundry! (To degrease well, we advise you to use sodium percarbonate or ash detergent). And there is only to extend…

Buy a color rebozo for rebozo care.

Pack of 7 organic cotton Rebozos

Allows to perform the closing without the person needing to move.
You benefit from a free Rebozo.
We offer this Pack with white Rebozos (easy to clean) or in 7 colors.

Special discount for doulas

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