Ethical baby wrap sling
made of organic cotton

100% natural & ethical from fibre to dye

250 x 55cm Rebozo scarf (T2 baby wrap)

The advantages of the SoRebozo carrying scarf

An airy weave

This weaving easily marries the body of the child and the one who wears it, when stretched “strand by strand” in the width. Ventilated, it allows good aeration, so as not to be too hot in summer and to put your child as it is dressed in winter.

Can be used with or without rings

Out of the bag, it is tied with a sliding knot (tie knot type), with 1 or 2 rings (like a classic sling).

Light and sturdy

It can have its place in the bottom of your bag (handbag or diaper bag), to help you in all circumstances!

Certified organic cotton

With or without 100% natural dye, the fabric can be safely put in the mouth by the child. It is made in such a way as to minimize the impact on the environment, to leave a “correct” world to those from which we borrow it… (Saint-Exupéry)

Dries fast

If you want to practice the Elimination Communication, it will be a good help! (we tested;-)!)


She will be delighted to be converted into a classic scarf when she is no longer used for the child. Finished the clutter of the cabinets with these baby carriages which are so difficult to get rid of… (that also we tested!)

Rebozos of colors to buy. These Rebozos are made of organic cotton and with vegetable dyes.

Special discount for doulas

Aware that your work requires a great commitment and that your remuneration is not up to what you propose, if you need help, contact us, we will send you a 5€ promo code.

Used as a carrying scarf

We will add videos as soon as possible explaining the different possibilities for carrying.

While waiting to make our own videos here are some very well done with different techniques.

Our scarf matches a short T2 scarf.

Our Rebozo is 80 cm longer than the one shown in the video below.